INtu blinds

Venetian, Pleated and Cellular blinds

Intu blinds are ideal for conservatories, glazed doors and tilt and turn windows. They fit neatly into the window bead so you can operate your window or door handles easily and light gaps are minimised, giving you exceptional control of solar heat and light.

A unique tension system prevents the blind from rattling against the glass when you open your window or door, and allows up to 15 degrees of tilt. To raise or lower your blind, simply move the bottomrail up or down to any position.

The newly developed “Click to Fit” system means that blinds now click straight onto the brackets without the need for locking screws, making INTU blinds even faster and easier to install.

Available as Venetian, Pleated and Cellular blinds, you can choose from a wide variety of colour options in each.